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with Christy Turlington c.1994

The Future of Sex: Love Plus and Venus ph. Lena C. Emery

Ingrid Van de Wiele spring—summer 1998.
Ingrid Van de Wiele took her first steps in the fashion world more than ten years ago, but since she launched a collection under her own name onto the market six years ago, those steps have become great strides. She now has sales outlets all over the world and her own shop in Antwerp and Tokyo. 
The striking elements in Van de Wiele’s collection are the pure lines, the perfect finish, the restrained colours and the redefined materials. Her clothes tell the muted story of the quest for the perfect form, and the adept use of nips and tucks. This quest is halted momentarily for the presentation of new summer and winter collections and is then meticulously continued. Materials are given a new use: like the textile wallpaper with the appearance of imitation velvet, aluminium thread combined with nylon for a blouse, paper for a jacket. The colours are restrained (black, grey, beige, white) so that the material becomes almost intangible and nothing interferes with the purity of the form.

These kinky, over-the-knee Prada boots have scooped the Most Loved vote this week! See more HERE.


i-D fall 2014, photographed by Cass Bird

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Victor Marais-Milton - The Winning Hand on Flickr.
Victor Marais-Milton (1872 - 1948) was a French genre painter. [Sold for Euro 10,810 at Sotheby’s, Amsterdam - Oil on canvas, 46 x 56 cm]

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A Libyan rebel fighter running during a battle against loyalist on the outskirts of Sirte, Libya. Oct. 7, 2011
Manu Brabo